A BTS station that ran to a wheelchair fan who jumped a fence during a performance

It is a hot topic that the bulletproof boy band member state is passing over the fence of performance hall to hand greeting to fan in wheelchair.

On the local time, the Bulgarian Boy Scouts performed ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’ at the Stade de France Stadium in Paris, France.

On that day, while he was giving greetings to fans on stage, he suddenly crossed the fence and ran toward the stands.

There was a girl fan in the wheelchair to cheer for the country.

After a high five with this fan, the station went up to the stage and finished the remaining performance.

Fans acclaimed for the actions of the government were gathered around the country and the girls, which would have led to dangerous situations, but fortunately no accidents occurred.
After the performance, the fan communicated the situation through his Twitter.

“This is the most beautiful moment in my life and I have created a moment that the country can not forget,” said the fan.

“I did not get hurt because my father, friends, and security guards kept me out of the crowd,” he said. “I would like to say that it is okay for those who worry about my safety.”

The users who encountered this video are reacting variously as “dangerous but touching” and “world class reason”.

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