A Friend of BTS JIMIN Reveals His Popularity Back in High School Days

K-pop boy group BTS’ member JIMIN’s high school friend explained the reasons why JIMIN was so popular in their high school.

Recently, dancer Kim Dae Hoon shared a Q&A video on YouTube, answering questions that were given to him.
Since he is known to be a good friend of JIMIN, Kim Dae Hoon mentioned that many of the questions were about their friendship.

He said, “One day, I sat next to someone who happened to be from the same hometown. That person was JIMIN, and we’ve been friends ever since.”

Kim Dae Hoon explained that JIMIN was a very engaging friend who brought a lot of energy into his classroom and every student liked him.

He said, “JIMIN has this nice personality, you know. So he quickly adjusted to the new school. Other students liked JIMIN, too.”

Then he added that JIMIN’s appearance was much different compared to now.

He explained, “While JIMIN has certainly grown up over the past few years into a more manly, mature image, he looked so cute and young back in the days.”

He went on, “Unlike his cute appearance, JIMIN was one of the best students in sports. I thought he could not possibly be good at sports, considering his baby face…”

Kim Dae Hoon revealed that they still keep in contact and hang out from time to time amid JIMIN’s busy schedule.
When Kim Dae Hoon appeared on Mnet’s music show ‘I Can Hear Your Voice 6’, JIMIN sent him some words of encouragement to cheer him on.

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