Another BTS fan attraction has been created!

On the 15th, the group ‘s official twitter account of the group’ s bulletproof boycott revealed a picture of a member who visited Busan Citizen ‘

In the photo, the image of Bui, holding an umbrella and staring at the camera with a bright expression, was included.

On the 18th, just three days after the photo was uploaded, the Busan Industrial Complex issued a map of Busan Citizens’ Park on the official Facebook page and introduced it as a “shots of authentic shots”.

Busan Facilities Corporation said, “Ami (Bangladeshi Boys Fan Club), this is the way you go.

The footsteps were stamped with the phrase ‘bulletproof boys’ biography, photo shooting place’.

Busan Citizens’ Park created a tourist spot for fans of Bulletproof Boys.

It is a big influence that you can feel the influence of the Vu which made tourist attraction with only one authentication shot.

On the other hand, the place where Viga strolled is located at the third gate north of Busan Citizen Park and is located on the road to the south gate across Pocheon.

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