Are JIN & SUGA No Longer Participating in BTS’ Future World Tours?

K-pop boy group BTS may not be able to hold the group’s world tour concerts as a 7-member group starting next year, due to JIN and SUGA’s mandatory military service.

According to the Korean law which had been revised in May 2018, all Korean men who are above the age of 25 must receive permission for overseas travel.

More specifically, every male aged between 25 and 27 can receive up to 5 leaves over the 2 years with 1 leave being within a 6-month period.

This revision was to prevent any abuse of delaying enlistment, and it surely has a huge impact on BTS’ future promotions as well.

BTS’ oldest member JIN must inevitably be enlisted in the military next year.

Industry insiders say that SUGA, the second oldest, will also have difficulties participating in BTS’ overseas activities after the latter half of next year.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism visited Military Manpower Administration last month with a proposition in relation to popular culture acts’ military service exemption, but the administration reportedly did not provide much response.

The current Korean law only provides military service exemption to Olympic medalists, Asian Games gold medalists, and those who won first or second place in international arts competition.
Meanwhile, BTS is continuously growing as the ultimate heartthrob worldwide by holding its stadium tour ‘LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF’ in various cities across the globe.

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