ARMY Thanks BTS’ Manager Who Has Been There for the Boys for More Than 5 Years

The fans of K-pop boy group BTS expressed their gratitude to the group’s manager who has been taking care of the members with all his heart for the past few years.

Recently, a thread titled, ‘BTS’ manager who must be filled with emotion right now’ drew attention online.
According to the pictures and comments left on the post, it seems like the manager was more of a family member than a co-worker who they have to see on a daily basis regardless of their will.

From the day when BTS had nothing but a home-cooked meal to celebrate their birthday to this very moment where the group is constantly writing a history, BTS’ manager always has been there for them through thick and thin.

Two years after they first met each other, the manager wrote a letter to BTS members and fans were able to see how much he thinks, and cares about them just by reading it.

The manager wrote, “I just wanted to say… Thank you. Thank you for believing in me even though I am not the most expressive person on the planet, couldn’t give you enough pep talk, and have lots of flaws.”
He added, “I’m so proud of you guys who know how to take care of each other. Now I think I can trust you guys.”

Also, V expressed his love for the manager in the cutest way possible when he reunited with him at the airport after spending a long time apart.

After seeing this post, ARMYs (the name of BTS’ fan club) commented, “Why am I crying? Thank you for taking such a good care of them.”, “He’s a part of the family.”, “They are so lucky to have each other.”, and many more.

Meanwhile, BTS won two awards at this year’s ‘Billboard Music Awards’―Top Duo/Group and Top Social Artist.

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