Big Hit Entertainment has released an official statement regarding BTS’s upcoming fan meeting

Big Hit’s official entry for the 5th official global fan meeting ‘BTS 5th MUSTER [MAGIC SHOP]’ on the 5th anniversary of the 5th Muster [Magic Shop] the posted.

bulletproof Boy Scouts will be held June 15 to 16 two-day Busan Asiad at the secondary stadium, 22 1-23 5th fan meeting in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics stadium yangilgan days

of the bulletproof Boy Scouts fan Union side fan meeting After discussing the production of slogans through fundraising among fans, it was decided to hold a big event for the event of slogan except for quantity and slogan would like to contact us by e-mail about whether progress is possible.

However, a big hit side during a fan meeting held observe silence for about one month without mail reply Of the total number of paper slogans that will be required to produce this slogan is estimated to cost about 10 million won to produce the slogan, The fans, who have difficulties in achieving their goals, have expressed their opinion that it is unlikely that the event will be possible on the big hit side.

Many fans have asked Big Hit’s feedback about the reasons for delayed mail reply through official fan cafes.

“I apologize for the inability to communicate smoothly with the fan group that promoted the fan event,” Big Hit said in an official position. “I am sorry to say that there was a difficulty in preparing the fan event. I understand the point, and even if the big hit to support it, the fan event should go smoothly, “he said.

“We are going to reconsider the fan event that fans can feel the cost burden on the occasion of this issue and plan to prepare a plan for it.” “I am sorry to have poured my fans into this fan event, I will make every effort during the rest of the year to create a more enjoyable and memorable performance with fans who are looking forward to the meeting. ”

Even after the official announcement of Big Hit, the criticism of fans continues. It’s an out-of-nature position and optional feedback. Actually, there is no explanation for the key part of the big hit side, such as ‘delayed mail reply’ and ‘clear criteria for fan events’ requested by fans. I also made my own slogan and declared that it would review the fan event that fans might feel costly in the future, so that the impression that the fan event is in danger of being canceled due to the ‘cost’ problem rather than the slogan ‘time’ The response is also continuing.

The following is a special entry for Big Hit.

It is big hit entertainment (“big hit”).

We will inform you about the BTS 5TH MUSTER [MAGIC SHOP] fan event as follows.

Big Hit will arrange for fan events to proceed without interruption.

Big Hit is a beautiful moment when artists and fans communicate and communicate with fans at concert and fan meetings of Bulletproof Boys, and I know that this time is so precious to everyone.

In that regard, I apologize for the inability to communicate smoothly with fan groups (BTS Encounters and Amis) that have promoted this fan event.

On May 31, Big Hit received a response from the fan group that it was difficult for the ‘slogan event’ to happen. Big Hit has been informing the fans about the current situation that it may be necessary to notify the fans about the current situation, and then preparing the fan cafe notice and follow-up measures.

Big Hit understands that the fan group responsible for the event has had difficulties in preparing for this event, and it is a stance that the fan event should proceed without any hitches even if it is supported by the big hit.

Therefore, Big Hit will confirm the contents and design of the slogan after the consultation when the group that promoted the fan event accepts our proposal, and we will prepare the paper slogan event for the big hit to be produced. However, ‘Tian slogan’ requested by the fan group is difficult to progress realistically considering the production time.

I will review the fan event which is a burden to the fans.

Big Hit is planning to review the fan events that fans can feel the cost burden and prepare a plan for this event.

We will proceed with the contents agreed upon only to the fan events that have been approved so far, and after that we will review the fan events in various aspects and prepare a plan that will not burden the fans. These judgments are on the verge of a company decision that stopped accepting gifts in consideration of the burden of fans in the past.

I would like to ask your fans to cooperate in ensuring that fan events are held in a way that does not affect the planning and production of the performance.

Big Hit is trying to give the best impression to those who watch the performance. We have been operating fan events from the past to the extent that it does not affect the planning and production of performances, and we are striving to maintain these principles in the future. I understand that you want to perform ‘Taechang’ or ‘Amy Night Control’ at the fan event, but it is difficult to decide whether to approve it after considering whether it is suitable for the performance planning and production for each event. For your reference, we would like to inform you that in the case of ‘YOUNG FOREVER’

I am sorry to hear from fans for this fan event and I will make every effort to make more fun and memorable performances with fans waiting for BTS 5TH MUSTER [MAGIC SHOP] . Thank you.

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