‘Boy In Luv’ MV Ko Sohyun Tells How BTS Treat Her When the Camera Was Not Rolling

Korean model Ko Sohyun revealed the incredible personality of K-pop boy group BTS members.

Recently, Ko Sohyun had an interview with one magazine where she talked about working with BTS in the past.

Ko Sohyun said, “I was in BTS’ ‘Boy In Luv’ music video. It was released in 2014, but it looks like a lot of international fans still watch it. They sometimes come and leave a comment on my social media after watching it. It’s all thanks to BTS.”She carried on, “It was exhausting shooting the music video, because we shot it for the whole day and even pulled an all-nighter. I had so much fun though.”

Then, she said, “All the members of BTS were really nice to me throughout shooting. They were such great guys. Their performance was awesome as well.”

Soon after this interview was published, fans found a photo that Ko Sohyun had shared online in the past.

The photo was of BTS’ signed album with a sweet message from BTS written in the center.

The message said, “To Ko Sohyun, the most important character in ‘Boy In Luv’ music video. When we first saw you, we thought to ourselves, ‘Wow, that’s why she’s a model.'”

BTS continued to give her their thumbs up in the message, “The shooting got delayed and was a very long one. Despite all that, you never lost your smile. We truly appreciate your hard work.”

The message wrapped up with a comment that said, “We will try our best to become more successful so that your appearance in our music video will one day become the work experience that you can take pride in.”Ko Sohyun’s interview as well as the message on the album demonstrated how friendly and thoughtful each BTS member was, and they successfully touched the hearts of countless fans around the world.

Meanwhile, BTS won Top Social Artist and Top Duo/Group awards at the ‘2019 Billboard Music Awards’.

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