BTS · Bang Si-hyuk will participate in the Grammy Awards screening next year

Group Bombardy Boys (BTS) and his agent, Big Hit Entertainment, Bang Si-hyeok were selected as members of the American Recording Academy.

Big Hit said that the recording academy announced the 1,403 member of the year on its official homepage on the 6th (local time), and that the bulletproof boycott has been listed as a voting member and a chamber member as a professional member respectively .

Voting members must have a record and sound recording that is sold and streamed in the United States.

Expert members include general producers, journalists, professors of music colleges, and senior labels.

Founded in 1957, the recording academy is a music professional group with world-class artists, lyricists, producers and engineers.

Since 1959, we host the Grammy Awards, the most prestigious awards award in the pop scene.

This group member has the right to vote each year to determine the Grammy Awards winner.
The Bangladeshi boys and girls representatives will participate in the vote from next year’s awards ceremony.

“The recording academy receives an application for membership registration for artists and music industry members annually, but the approval is very difficult,” said Big Hit. “It seems that the bombing boys’ and chamber representatives reflected the musical influence and contribution to the whole world.” I did.

Previously, he was selected for Billboard’s International Power Play Earth and Variety International Music Leader for two years in a row.

Also, we will hold a global fan meeting on May 15 ~ 16 at the Busan Asian Aid Stadium and the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on March 22-23.

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