BTS Busan performance hall Fans from

Fans are bustling around the Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium, where fans’ bulletin board meetings and concerts are held on the 15th.

A foreigner wearing a hijab around the stadium is looking at the event.

BTS members fans are standing in line to shoot large photos.

15th Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium, where bulletproof boys’ fan meeting and concert are held. The show, which is held at the stand, is said to have made a stage in the center.

As fan meetings and concerts were scheduled for Busan Bulldog Boys’ Association (BTS), fans gathered around Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium.

Many fans were standing in line in front of the performance hall early in order to take a good place in the performance in the waiting queue.

In front of the large photo of the BTS member, there was a long line of fans trying to take a commemorative photo.

In addition to domestic fans, fans of various nationalities were shown around the venue, proving BTS’s worldwide reputation.

The 45,000-seat standing seat with a fixed price of 99,000 won was sold out in just a few minutes.

Police arrested 134 traffic police officers at the main intersection near the venue and organized six companies around the venue for the event.

A few days before the performance in Busan, the lights of Gwangan Grand Bridge and Busan Hangdae Bridge were painted in purple which symbolized BTS, and banners and advertisements that welcomed BTS all over the place.

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