BTS debut 6th anniversary ‘Festa’ … 11 day festival with fans

The group Bulletproof Boys (BTS) will meet fans all over the world with the content “FESTA” that they enjoy with their fans on the 6th anniversary of their debut on the 3rd.

The Bulletproof Boys’ Team released its first contents of ‘2019 BTS Festa’ through official SNS at 0:00 am on this day.

The contents released on the day were family pictures of the Bangladeshi boy band, and the concepts such as the comeback trailer and the solo mix tape music video in which each member appeared as the protagonist were reproduced.

Through ‘Festa’, Bangladeshi boys will show various contents including photo collection, choreography video, anangpaman self-cam video, Bangladesh Nunus, profile and Bangtan Loft.

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh boycott will hold a global fan meeting at the Busan Asian Aid Stadium on October 15-16 and the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on March 22-23.

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