BTS Finds a Clever Way for 4 Members to Sleep Together in One Single Bed

K-pop boy group BTS just came up with the brightest idea that will allow four people to easily sleep together in the same bed.

On May 7, a new episode of BTS’ variety show ‘Run BTS! 2019’ was released online.

The video showed the seven members―SUGA, RM, JIN, JUNGKOOK, J-HOPE, V, and JIMIN in North America for their concert tour ‘LOVE YOURSELF’.

After doing some grocery shopping, they returned to their accommodation and decided it was time for each of them to choose which room they were going to sleep that night.There were three rooms in total, and they chose to randomly decide on the room by walking into whichever the room they were attracted to one by one.

Starting with SUGA, they all quietly went into the room that they wanted to sleep in.

Funnily, it turned out that the rappers of the group―SUGA, J-HOPE, and RM chose the same room while the vocals of the group―JIN, JIMIN, JUNGKOOK, and V made the same choice, and they left one room completely empty.As there were two single beds in the room that the vocals had to sleep together, they could not stop laughing about the ridicule situation that they were in.

JIMIN commented with a laugh, “How about four of us all sleeping together in the same bed if we stuck out the same side of the hand?”
Then, SUGA jokingly commented, “It’s possible if you guys all slept in the shape of ㄱ (the first letter of the Korean alphabet).”

Right after hearing SUGA’s remark, JIMIN, JIN, JUNGKOOK, and V began lying down on the bed in different body shapes while singing the theme song for the tile-matching puzzle game Tetris.

They almost made themselves look like they were playing life-size Tetris with their body. 

Their way of fitting in four people in one single bed grabbed a lot of attention of fans for being silly and smart at the same time.Meanwhile, BTS has kicked off its stadium world tour ‘LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF’ with two sold-out shows in Los Angeles last weekend.

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