BTS In May Idol Brand Reputation Rankings

Idol private 100 brand reputation in May 2019 Big Data analysis, 1st Bulletproof Boy Scouts Jimin second largest river in Daniel 3 above Bulletproof Boy Scouts .

The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute will collect 230,363,481 idol private brand big data from May 5, 2019 to June 5, 2019 for analysis of idol personal brand reputation big data, Brand index, media index, communication index, and community index. Compared with the 254,526,832 brands of Big Big Data in April 2019, they were down 9.49%.

Brand reputation index is an indicator of brand big data analysis that finds consumers’ online habits have a big influence on brand consumption. Through analysis of reputation of 100 private brands, it is possible to measure positively negative evaluation, media interest, consumers’ interest and traffic for 100 idol individual brands. I also included the monitoring results of 100 idol brand reputation editors.

In May, 2019, the 30th most popular idol brand was ranked as the 30th most popular among the bulletproof boys Ji Min, Gang Daniel, the bulletproof boys, the Bulletproof Boys, the Hot Shot Nebula, the Bulletproof Boy Band, AB6IX Lee Dae Hwi, AB6IX Park Woojin, AB6IX Jung Hyun, EXID LE, Wiki Mickey Choi Jung-jung, Jae-jeong Choi, Jae-jeong Choi, Jae-hyun Lee, EXID Soleil, Omai Girls Infant, JBJ Kim Dong Han, New East JR, Kim Jae Hwan and Wiki Mickey Kim Do Yeon were analyzed.

And the Jindong brand of bulletproof boy band Jangmin brand was analyzed as the brand reputation index 15,865,393 as the participation index 1,698,214 media index 2,310,453 communication index 6,454,005 community index 5,402,720 became. Compared to the brand reputation index of 15,812,891 in April 2019, it rose 0.33%.

And the Gang Daniel brand was analyzed as the brand reputation index 11,726,933 as the participation index 3,386,577, the media index 833,278, the communication index 4,372,722, and the community index 3,134,355. Compared with the brand reputation index of 9,149,411 in April, 2019, it increased 28.17%.

The third place, and the bulletproof boy band ‘s official brand was analyzed as the brand reputation index 9,398,531 as the participation index 1,084,371 media index 1,522,335 communication index 3,293,289 community index 3,498,536. Compared to the April 2010 brand reputation index of 10,325,070, it fell by 8.97%.

4th, Bulletproof boy band ‘s brand was analyzed as brand participation index of 1,441,840 media index 1,274,683 communication index 3,609,718 community index 2,313,463 and brand reputation index 8,639,704. Compared to the April 2008 brand reputation index of 8,902,554, it fell 2.95%.

5, and Hotshot Naeban brand was analyzed as brand reputation index 6,831,191 as participation index 708,840 media index 4,826,312 communication index 416,150 community index 879,889. Compared with the brand reputation index of 3,387,479 in April of 2019, it rose 101.66%.

Kang Chang-hwan, director of the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, said, “In May of 2019, the Bulguk Boy’s Ji Min brand ranked first in the list of the top 100 personal idol brands, with 9.49% In detail, brand consumption fell 4.85%, brand issues fell 15.39%, brand communication fell 2.80%, and brand spreads fell 1.88%. ”

“In May, 2019, Jindong brand of bulletproof boy band which ranked first in the top 100 personal brand of idol was high in” linking, performance, donation, wonderful “in keyword analysis and” Wembley, 1st place, appointment ” The positive rate of positive rate was 91.20%.

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