BTS is returning to the silver screen this summer!

Following the success of their first two films “Burn the Stage: The Movie” and “Love Yourself in Seoul,” BTS officially announced on June 26 that they will be releasing a third movie.

Entitled “Bring the Soul: The Movie,” the upcoming film will capture not only BTS’s “Love Yourself” world tour, but also an intimate conversation between the members that took place in Paris the day after they wrapped up their tour. Additionally, the film will follow the group as they travel to many different cities across the world, featuring both BTS’s exciting performances and behind-the-scenes footage of the members.

group ‘s third movie’ Bring the Soul: The Movie ‘will be released simultaneously on August 7th, and the poster will be released.

A new movie from the group Bangladeshi Boy Scouts comes to the theater. The movie “Bring the Soul: The Movie,” which was released on August 7th, will be released in Seoul, starting with Seoul, starting with the 2018 Bombing Boy World Tour “BTS WORLD TOUR LOVE YOURSELF” The movie is a film of their own little aftertouch at the small roof top table in Paris the day after the bulletproof boy band finished the long European tour in Paris.

‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’ is a collection of 7 boys and girls, all of whom have gone on stage and behind the scenes to see what they did every time they see a new city after their show, I painted a glittering journey.

The “Brodie Soul: The Movie” poster, which was unveiled at this time, featured faces of members of the Bulletproof Boys who are watching fans on stage. From a smile with a happy smile to an emotional face, the bullet boy members’ hearts toward fans are filled with warm and sensual colors with a sense of warmth. “Bring the Soul: The Movie,” which features the various charms of seven members of the Bulletproof Boy Scouts, will be both exciting and impressive with their candid and simple look.

The new movie ‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’ will be released on August 7th.

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