BTS JIMIN Names One Thing That Always Makes Him Cry: ARMY

K-pop boy group BTS’ member JIMIN sometimes gets emotional while looking at his fans from the stage.

Recently, one fan compiled the pictures and the videos of JIMIN crying on stage which well-showed how much he cares and thinks about ARMY (the name of BTS’ fan club).

ARMYs already knew what a romantic he was since he sometimes tried to hug all his fans at once, and wore a necklace that had their names on it.

But what they probably did not know was the power that they had on him which occasionally made him burst into tears on stage.

JIMIN looked the happiest when he was performing in front of his fans who always welcomed him with open arms, and sometimes when those emotions get stronger, he started to shed tears of joy.

He made a sweeping declaration after the concert that he would not cry the next day but he eventually failed to keep the promise.

Back in 2017, JIMIN said during one concert, “Thank you. For making us look forward to something and feel alive. I just wanted to say that. Thank you guys.”

At another concert which was held a year later, JIMIN expressed his gratitude again by saying, “It doesn’t matter how far we’ve come because all we want to do is just be with you guys. I realized that recently after receiving tremendous love and support from you guys.”

After seeing this post, his fans commented, “You are the one thing that always makes me cry.”, “Don’t worry. We’ve got you. We’ll always be there for you.”, “Thank you for stepping into my life.”, and so on.

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