BTS JUNGKOOK in 4 Boy Group Members Who Excel at Computer Games

It is always amusing to find out a fun fact about someone especially when that person is someone we like.

When thinking about K-pop acts, the word “talented” springs to mind since most members of boy group not only have amazing voices, but also have incredible dance moves.

However, those are not the only thing that they are good at for these four boys.

Starting from mobile games to online games, they turned into the world of games into their second playground.

Let’s take a closer look at these geniuses, and find out what kind of games they are into these days.


Previously, other members of K-pop boy group BTS mentioned that JUNGKOOK is the most talented one in the group when it comes to gaming.

Initially, JUNGKOOK was a huge fan of mobile games but recently, he has been playing team-based multiplayer computer game ‘Overwatch’ with HONGBIN from K-pop boy group VIXX.


Next is BAEKHYUN from K-pop boy group EXO.

Among his fans and fellow members, his love for game is a common knowledge, and they say that he is into multiplayer online game ‘League of Legends’ these days.

During one episode of a radio show, BAEKHYUN also mentioned himself that he loves to play ‘League of Legends’ when he doesn’t have any planned activities.


K-pop boy group VIXX’s member HONGBIN is also a huge fan of game; and his favorite game is ‘Overwatch’ just like JUNGKOOK.

HONGBIN has been using his gift in game to the fullest and trying to get his name out there with game over the past few years.

He finally achieved that goal in 2017 by being ranked #7 worldwide in ‘Overwatch’ WW with the character ‘Hanzo’.


GONGCHAN of K-pop boy group B1A4 is also in love with ‘Overwatch’ but he said that his love for FPS (First Person Shooter) games started way before that.

He previously surprised his fans by playing ‘Overwatch’ on various TV shows, showing off his game skills that he has been practicing for years.

GONGCHAN’s well-known passion for game even brought him the best gift of all timeā€•to be the host of a game show.

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