BTS leader RM praises popular … “It’s novel and meaningful”

The viewers’ popularity was followed by the last broadcast.

On May 5, SBS ‘Gifted and Talented Devils’ released their viewers’ opinions on the broadcast last week.

Kim Tae-gyun said, “Last week, I studied the genius of RM, the leader of the bullet-proof boy band, at the” Genius Discovery Research Institute. “The reaction of the viewers was hot, and comments were poured in real time.

Kim Ji-sun said, “There was a praise that the viewers were the most innovative and meaningful broadcasts of programs that have ever been on Bulletin Board.” Kim Tae-gyun said, “The gifted and talented team is different.”

Kim Ji-sun said, “And the leader, RM, is younger than me, and I have a lot of respects.”

The announcer watched this saying, “It is very good.” Kim Ji-sun said, “It’s not a very good idea, I agree.” Kim Tae-gyun and Seong Dae-hyun also cried out in favor.

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