BTS Members Always Have to Take Care of V?

K-pop boy group BTS consists of seven members, and here are their names from the oldest to youngest: JIN, SUGA, J-HOPE, RM, JIMIN, V, and JUNGKOOK.

As you can see, JUNGKOOK is maknae (the youngest member) of BTS, and this is quite obvious even to the eyes of those who do not know the fact that he is maknae.

This is because JUNGKOOK quite frequently turns himself into one adorable helpless maknae brother of the BTS family.V, the second youngest one, is about two years older than JUNGKOOK, but he sometimes gives off strong maknae vibes, making you confused whether if V had always been maknae.

It seems like there are many times when the other six members, including JUNGKOOK, have to take care of V like his older brother.

Here are times when V needs to be taken care of by the rest of members.

1. When he will not leave the stage when they have to.

2. When he cannot do things on his own.

3. When he cannot stop himself from crying.

4. When he feels sad or upset about something.

5. When he stares at the thing that they are eating.

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