BTS’ ‘Mikrokosmos’ & 2 More Songs Will Be Played During NASA’s Space Mission to the Moon

NASA(National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has confirmed that K-pop boy group BTS’ ‘Mikrokosmos’, ‘134340’, and ‘Moonchild’ will be played during their moon journey in 2024.

Recently, NASA’s Johnson Space Center opened submissions for their ‘#NASAMoonTunes’, asking people to recommend songs that will be added to the playlist of their upcoming 6-day voyage to the moon.

The first three songs announced were none other than BTS’ ‘Mikrokosmos’, ‘134340’, and the group’s leader RM’s solo track ‘Moonchild’.

‘Mikrokosmos’ (2019) describes individuals being a smaller version of the universe, and the song is also the finale song of BTS’ ‘LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF’ stadium tour.

‘134340’ (2018) is the asteroid number of former-planet Pluto, and the lyrics can be interpreted from Pluto’s perspective of losing its planetary status and being forgotten.

Lastly, RM’s ‘Moonchild’ (2018) is about a boy who were born in the moonlight, having a hard time embracing the warmth of the sunlight.

Following the announcement, fans commented, “Thank you so much! The boys will be so happy when they find out.”, “Not one, not two, but three! This is epic.”, “The songs mean a lot to us and I hope you will find the true meaning and messages of the songs, too!”, and more.

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