BTS Songs About the Small Happiness That Truly Makes Life Worth Living

K-pop boy group BTS argued that love is something that makes every little things in life so precious and grateful.

On April 28, BTS dominated the stage of SBS ‘Inkigayo’ with a performance that totally lives up to its name and reputation.

The title track ‘Boy With Luv’ of BTS’ sixth mini album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA’ is an easy listening music that hits the listeners’ ears very gently and pleasantly.

If were asked to compare its title track to a drink, most people would probably link it to a well-mixed cocktail that has the just right amount of sweetness and sourness since the song is truly packed with many interesting and tasty ingredients―the features of funk pop.

The group truly well-describes and sums up the whole vibe of the song with its intro, and even utilizes it as a way to build an expectation towards the latter part of the song.

Now, there is no need to address the members’ dancing skills and their stage presence since both of those things are at a level where it does not need any clarification.

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