BTS Talks About The 2019 Billboard Music Awards

V Bangli Group of Boys in the ‘V Live’ group reported their disappointment at the ‘2019 Billboard Music Awards’.

The Bulletproof Boys’ Team communicated with the fans by conducting a live broadcast ‘Do you know BTS?’ On the portal site Naver ‘V Live’ on the 2nd.

Jimin said, “We came to the Billboard Music Awards and received the award.” “I think there were a lot of interesting things to do today. The station next to him said, “He lived.”

RM said he saw his idol, Drake. He said, “I came in with the award, and I saw Drake,” and he said, “At that moment, there is a halo, and I think Drake is the one who made me able to do the vibra, and I thought I should do something hard.”

The group attended the 2019 BBMAs at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on May 1 (local time). BTS received the Top Social Artist Award on the red carpet and was later crowned the winner of the Top Duo/Group award during the ceremony.

Jimin started off the broadcast by saying, “We went to the Billboard Music Awards today and won one of the main awards. A lot of wonderful things happened today. More people recognized us this year, and there were also a lot more fans.”

I also told stories that I did not get on stage. “It’s an opportunity to study at Billboard Music Awards, and it’s an opportunity to study,” said RM. “I am grateful to you for bringing me such a great honor. He said.

Sugar, Jimin, Jean, Jay Hop, and Viva also received top three social artists and top /
I turned all the ball to Amy.
He said he had a lot of desire to give back to Amy, and he also raised his expectation for the World Tour.

“I am grateful and happy and happy, but I feel a lot of burden and sense of responsibility, and if my bowl is a cup, I think I have enough water, and I want to continue to grow the bowl because it feels like overflowing. I want to show you a proud appearance for a long time. ”

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Boy Scouts won the top duo / group and top social artist category at the ‘2019 Billboard Music Awards’ and earned the honor of being the two winners.

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