BTS V Shares His Big Hit Entertainment Audition Story

V of K-pop boy group BTS talked about his eventful audition experience to get into Big Hit Entertainment.

On June 22 and 23, BTS held its ‘2019 MUSTER: MAGIC SHOP’ fan meeting event at KSPO DOME, Seoul.

During the first day of the event, V shared a never-before-heard story of his auditioning experience for Big Hit Entertainment.
V said, “I auditioned for Big Hit in the summer of 2011. I was just there to watch it, but they told me, ‘Do you want to give it a go?’, so I said, ‘Sure.'”

He continued, “I danced, and they said, ‘Anything else?’, so I sang, and they said, ‘Anything else?’ so I did some beatboxing, and they said, ‘Anything else?’, I rapped and even played my saxophone and they said, ‘Anything else?’ So I told them, ‘That’s about it,’ and they told me that they will contact me if I pass the audition.”

V went on, “Then about a month later, they called me while I was playing games. I answered the phone, and they said I was the only one who passed the audition in Daegu. I was so excited and said, ‘Thank you so much!’, went straight back home and said, ‘Grandma! I got in! I passed the audition!’, and she said it’s all just fraud.”

V continued his story, “So me and my dad traveled all the way up to Seoul and took a taxi from the bus terminal to Big Hit. It was our first time riding a taxi in Seoul, and the driver charged us 32,800 won (approximately 28 dollars). My dad and I still talk about that moment, saying, ‘Do you remember that time?’, and ‘That was harsh. But the taxi driver must have had his reason (to ask for more money).”

Then V shared how grateful he is, saying, “So it was a magical experience for me to sign a contract and become a trainee. The manager who gave me the opportunity in my mundane life is still at Big Hit. I want to say that I am thankful for giving me the chance to change my life like magic. That is how I not only became a singer trainee, but I also got to meet ARMYs by becoming a singer.”

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