BTS V Shows What a Responsible and Caring Dog Adopter He Is

K-pop boy group BTS’ member V set a great example for others who are considering adopting a dog and planning their future with them.

Recently, one fan compiled the pictures and the clips that well-show V’s attitude towards companion animals and a dog adoption.

Kang Hyung-wook, a renowned animal trainer in Korea said that V came to see him and asked him for advice before adopting a dog himself.

He said, “Most of the people complain about their companion animals when they ran into me but V was different. He came to see me with a determination that he wants to raise his right. To me, that looked really cool.”

V adopted a dog shortly after that, named him ‘Yeontan’, and shared the news through the group’s official social media account.

His fans raved about this new addition to the family and asked V a series of questions as Yeontan was just as handsome and adorable as his owner.

V occasionally posted the pictures and the short videos of Yeontan to update his fans on how he is doing and share his cutest moments.

Also, Yeontan fortunately did not suffer from separation anxiety at all and quickly became friends with all members of BTS as V took him everywhere starting from a music show to the group’s concert, and their music video shoot.

After seeing this post, his fans commented, “Sweet little puppy for my sweet little V. They are a match made in heaven.”, “I’m a human and I’m jealous of his dog.”, “These two always puts a smile on my face.”, and many more.

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