BTS “Wembley stage is not a concert but a festival”

At the Wembley Stadium in London, Bombardier Boys (BTS), who is in the process of making a historic performance, announced his aspirations to decorate the stage as a festival rather than a concert.

Seven members attending the press conference in front of the concert, “Love YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF” (5:00 pm local time), will perform the set list and the stage composition He said.

Suga said, “In fact, I had a lot of troubles with my members about this set list, and there was a change before the performance.”

The three-list concert was expected to be similar to the previous Rose Bowl Stadium tour. According to an open set list, the Wembley concert opens with ‘Dionysus’ and ends with ‘microcosm’. The start and end of the US Stadium Tour are the same, but the composition of the detail songs has changed.

“This show will be a festival rather than a concert,” Jean said. It promised free and fun performances more than the previous performances.

“It was originally a one-time performance, but I am able to perform one more time because of Ami’s love and support, and I will show you the perfect stage on this stage, and live concerts are also live, so please enjoy us with those who have not come to the theater. “He added.

Bangladeshi Boys was the first Korean singer to come to the stage at Wembley Stadium in England through this concert. The show, which lasted until the second day, was sold out at 120,000 seats.

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