BTS, whose winning streak at the top of the rankings has now lasted for over a year

The Boy Group’s brand reputation was analyzed in June 2019, followed by Big Data analysis, followed by AB6IX third place exoso second place in the first bulletproof boy band .

The Korean Enterprise Reputation Research Institute surveyed 75,212,643 Boy Group brand Big Data measured from May 6, 2019 to June 7, 2019 through Consumer Behavior Analysis, and found that participation index, media index, communication index, community index Were measured. Compared to the 74,445,733 brands of Big Big Data in May, it increased by 1.03%.

The brand index is an index made by analyzing brand big data by finding that consumers’ online habits have a big influence on brand consumption. The Boy Group brand reputation index can measure positively negative ratings, media interest, consumer interest and traffic for Boy group. The brand reputation editor included analysis of 100 brand monitors.

In June, 2019, the top 30 brands of the Boy Group are ranked among the top ten in the list, including Bangladeshi Boys, AB6IX, Exo, NCT, New East, Seventeen, Super Junior, Infinite, Beast, Shiny, The Boyz, Gods Seven, Monster X, BERBERRY, 2PM, FT Island, Highlight, Bix, Winner, Astro, Golden Child, JBJ95, B1A4, Jekskis, SF9, Pentagon and Tomorrow Bytogether .

The brands were analyzed as the brand reputation index 18,601,065 as the participation index 4,576,352 media index 5,131,008 communication index 4,508,139 community index 4,385,566 , while the bulletproof boys group (RM, Sugar, Jin, JHOP , Ji Min, Compared with the brand reputation index of 24,925,833 in May, it decreased by 25.37%.

Second, AB6IX brand ( Lee Dae Hwi, Park Woojin, Im Young Min, Kim Dong hyun, Jeon Woong ) brand was analyzed as brand reputation index 4,354,834 with participation index 606,144 media index 2,594,560 communication index 291,064 community index 863,067 . Compared with the brand reputation index of 1,430,161 in May, it surged 204.50 %.

The brand was ranked at the top of the rankings with the participation index of 337,744, the media index of 1,063,168, the communication index of 1,074,363, the community index of 1,558,727, and the brand reputation index of 4,034,002 Respectively. Compared with the brand reputation index of 3,564,879 in May, it increased by 13.16%.

4th place, NCT ( Taeil, Johnny, TaeYong, Utah, Dooyoung, Ten, JaeHyun, WinWin, Mark, Runjun, Geno, HaChan, JaeHin, Jenny, JiSung, Lucas, JungWoo, Kuhn ) participation index 135,872 media index 1,754,624 communication The index was 276,175 and the community index was 1,167,916. The brand reputation index was analyzed as 3,334,587 . Compared with the brand reputation index of 1,518,951 in May, it surged 119.53% .

5th and New East brands (JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, Len) were analyzed as brand equity index 3,111,930 as participation index 516,648 media index 1,406,464 communication index 375,433 community index 813,385 . Compared with the brand reputation index of 4,772,695 in May, it dropped 34.80%.

“The Boy Group brand reputation was the highest in Bangladeshi brand in June 2019. The Boy Group brand category was 1.03% in comparison with 74,445,733 brands in May, “Brand analysis showed a decline of 7.02%, brand issues fell 17.34%, brand communication fell 0.17%, and brand proliferation increased 42.30%.”

“Boy Group Brand Reputation In the link analysis, the bulb boycott brand, which ranked first in Big Data analysis in June 2019, was highly analyzed by” Wonderful, Kind, Enthusiastic. “In keyword analysis,” Wembley, Bangshi, Ji Min ” The brand analysis showed that the brand awareness dropped by 20.55%, the brand issue by 44.90%, the brand communication by 1.25%, the brand diffusion by 18.81%, and the positive brand ratio by 91.51% Big Data Analysis.

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