BTS will perform at Wembley Stadium tomorrow

The group’s Bandaran Boy Scouts set a new ground for performance at the K-pop Wembley in Britain, home of the Beatles and Queen, tomorrow (2nd).

The performance start time is 7:30 pm, and Korean time is 2 days at 3:30 am.

The seven members of the BTS will have a final check of the stage equipment and have a press conference with domestic and foreign media.

From 5:30 pm to 40 minutes, we will tell about the significance of London concert and musical plans for the future through reporters and question and answer.

Big Hit Entertainment has prepared English and Japanese interpreters for the interviews all over the world.

Tomorrow’s 150-minute performance will be broadcast live on Naver V live.

Bangladeshi boys fans who visited Circus Square in Piccadilly, London

A total of 120,000 fans will meet in London in 1-2 days.

Earlier in the United States, there were 320 performances in six Los Angeles, Chicago, and New Jersey cities, and in Sao Paulo, Brazil, over 100,000 people gathered for two days.

Bombay Boycott will perform a European tour in Stade de France, Paris on July 7-8.

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