BTS’s Jimin has made a generous donation to go towards students in his hometown of Busan!

On May 7, it was revealed that the idol made a donation of 100 million won (approximately $85,300) to the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education. Jimin’s father personally visited the office that afternoon and relayed the donation to the Superintendent of Education.

The donation is expected to be put towards helping low-income students in 16 schools.

Ha Kyung Min reporter = Jimmin , a member of the ‘Bombardier Boy’ ( BTS ), which is gaining popularity around the world, made a ‘token donation’ for low-income students in Busan.

The Busan Metropolitan Office of Education announced on July 7 that the BTS member Jimin has donated 100 million won in educational donation.

Jimmin’s father, Park Mo, visited the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education and delivered it to Kim Seok-joon, the Busan Superintendent of Education.

The City Office of Education plans to use donations from Jimin for low-income students in 16 schools in Busan.

Jimin graduated from Busan Art Fair, Yoonsan Middle School, Busan Art High School.

City Department of Education, “Jimin told 60 people last graduation day for all students in elementary school alma mater rotation sign Bulletproof Boy Scouts CD said, has consistently contributed activities to support the Middle gyobokbi to 10 people and graduates.”

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