BTS’s Jin has been recognized for his charitable donations.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts (Kim Seok-jin) became a member of UNICEF Honors Club.

It was recently revealed that BTS’s Jin has become a member of UNICEF’s Honors Club member. The Honors Club extends membership to individuals who have donated over 100 million won (approximately $84,000). Jin is said to have been a regular donor since last May, and only recently decided to reveal his work and that he had joined the Honors Club as he believed in the idea that “Good influence grows if it is shared.”

Secretary General Lee Ki Chul of UNICEF Korea stated, “We express our gratitude to BTS’s Jin, who has become an inspiration to youth around the world with a message of hope, for his meaningful donations. We hope that his donations will help bring more attention to our work from younger generations.”

Jin, who has been donating a certain amount each month since May of last year, has announced the signing of the Honor Club by agreeing to the fact that donations are not announced around the time,

The UNICEF Honors Club is a group of supporters who donated over 100 million won to the UNICEF Korean committee for children all over the world. Including one bakyangsuk Mrs. sponsored 10 billion won for the Asian Children’s Education UNICEF Kim Goodwill Ambassador , UNICEF Korea Committee故Andre Kim Ambassador, Ahn Sung-ki Goodwill Ambassador, Won Bin special representative, Suh Kyung-bae Amore Pacific president, choebyeongoh Fashion Group paper pattern president, Kim, Seok – Soo East and West And food presidents are members of various levels.

Lee Ki-chul, Secretary General of the UNICEF Korea Committee, said, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the members of the Bulletin Board of Banned Boys, who have been a symbol of hope for youth around the world, and hope that this contribution will draw attention to the participation of many young people. “He said.

The Bulletproof Boys’ Team and their agency, Big Hit Entertainment, have been carrying out the LOVE MYSELF campaign since November of 2017 with the message “Let me love you” with UNICEF. LoveMy Self supports various campaigns with donations, sponsoring the UNICEF End Violence campaign to protect children and youth from violence around the world.

Bangladeshi boys will spread the campaign message through the UNICEF booth at the World Tour on June 1 and 2 at the Wembley Stadium in London, England.

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