Bulletproof Boy Scouts, ‘Amibaragi bloomed’

A group of Bangladeshi boys who returned home after the European tour is leaving the entrance to the 2nd passenger terminal at Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the afternoon.

The bulletproof boy band ended their tour of Europe and went to the bank. Bulletproof boy band members Jihop, Jean and Sugar took a sunflower-shaped rider on the arrival day and caught sight of the fans of ‘Ami’ who came out to meet with the reporters as well as the visitors of the airport.

Jean-Jay Hop-Sugar, ‘The sunflower bloomed ~’

JHOP – Jean, ‘The man with the flower’

Sugar-Jay Hop, ‘The Smile is Blooming’

BTS that swept Europe and returned

Find a hidden government

Even if you look at your eyes, RM-Vu

Viva, ‘even the eyes look good’

Ji Min, ‘I was natural to be disguised as a staff’

Bulletproof boys sweeping the airport

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