Bulletproof boys’ hokahan hallyu exports … Highest surplus after Han

From South East Asia, now to Europe and America, popularity of popular music has become world class because of the effect of bulletproof boys. The foreign exchange earned by these activities has also increased greatly, and the income earned by the Korean Wave craze is the highest in two and a half years.

It is Park Chan-geun.

Bulletproof boy band that started the world tour starting with LA following Billboard music two places bounty.

Thanks to the achievements of K pop that occupied the United States, which is the home of pop, the trade balance is improving.

In the first quarter of this year, the Bank of Korea accounted for a surplus of $ 100 million and $ 135 million, respectively.

It is the highest in two and a half years.

‘Sound image service balance’ is the net profit of popular culture trade such as concert, movie, TV program.

It is also called ‘Korean trade balance’.

When K-pop became popular in China and Japan in the past, the sound image service balance was blowing up.

After the announcement of the deployment of the Sad in July 2016, the so-called “Hanhak” was launched in China.

[Lee Kyu-taek / Professor, George Mason University, South Korea: In the case of Bangladeshi Boycott, it can be said that the US concert is sold out all the time (economically effective).

Groups such as BTS and Black Pink and NCT are also actively engaged in overseas activities, and the Korean trade balance, the net profits of the mass culture trade, is expected to grow.

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