“Bulletproof boys in the game” … Netmarble, BTS World released on 26th

Netmarble announced today that it will release BTS World, a mobile game related to Bulletproof Boys (BTS), to the world market except China.

This game is a game where the user becomes a manager and grows a bulletproof boy band into a global artist.

The user will join the process of growing to become the best artist by Debbuk Boys’ debut.

We will collect and upgrade cards with photos of each member and use them to complete the missions given on the story.

Netmarble announced the launch date and released a mini-game in the form of a web game that users could experience BTS World in advance through the pre-registered official site.

On this site, you can also register for a game and also have a pair of tests to identify the best Bombardier members in your life.

Netmarble and Big Hit Entertainment will release the exclusive OST of the game, which was directly broadcast by the Bulletproof Boys, until the BTS World launch, starting with the unit songs that include ‘Jin’, ‘Ji Min’, and ‘Jeongguk’.

NetMarbe made an OST teaser on its official website and official YouTube channel.

Netmarble, which was sluggish due to the lack of new games, is expected to improve its 2H earnings by launching its recently launched ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ and BTS World.

Netmarble said that it had the “Seven Deadly Crimes” released on the previous day and ranked fourth and fourth in sales of Apple App Store in Korea and Japan in less than a day.

Especially in Japan, Netemble explained that it was the fastest pace of domestic game since it became the first rank of Apple App Store sales in 18 hours after launching as ‘Lineage 2 Revolution’ in 2017.

The game had 2.7 million and 3.3 million pre-registered Korean and Japanese pre-release, respectively.

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