Channel 9’s “20 to One” came under fire for their recent broadcast on BTS.

Australian public broadcaster is preaching a group Bulletproof Boy Scouts news explained about the racist remarks.

Australian broadcaster SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) reported on the popularity of Bulletproof Boys in the news show “20 to One” on Channel 9 of Australia, And he reported that he had mocked Korea.

’20 to One ‘, which was broadcast on the 19th night, covered the popularity of the World Star Bulletproof Boys. However, many of the interviewers, including Australian comedians, did not stop raving about the bombing boycott and ridiculed the political situation on the Korean peninsula.

In the broadcast, the female news editor introduced “the bullet-proof boycott that has the best popularity!” When the male leader said, “I have never heard of it. “He said. “I thought it was a bomb when I heard news that something had happened in Korea, but it was bulletproof, but when I looked at the group, it was not much better than a bomb.”

“I have only one member who can speak English.” He also said, “BTS is good. I dance well and sing … “A member interviewed a mistaken video and attached a comment on the UN Speech of the Bangladesh Boy Scouts,

This broadcast image is spreading on the internet via SNS and the controversy is getting bigger. The army fan club ‘ARMY’ is asking for official apology from the broadcasters by uploading related hash tags such as ‘# channel9apologize # channel9apologizetoBTS @ 20toOne @ Channel9’ through Twitter.

On the controversy, channel 9 told SBS that “the episode of ’20 to One ‘which was a problem did not violate the broadcasting regulations,” he said, “it is just humorous to emphasize the popularity of bulletproof boys. I apologize. ”

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