Get ready for an exciting collaboration between BTS’ Suga and Heize!

Bulgarian boy band Suga presented a song to Hayes who comeback on July 7.

On the 27th OSEN report result The bulletproof boy Sugar Sugar was producing new song of Hayes announced on coming July 7. This is the first time that the Bulletproof Boys and Hayes are working on music.

In particular, Sugar has been recognized for his musical talents by working with Suhran, Lee So Ra and Epik High, as well as members of the bullying boy band. I swept up to the top of the charts here. It seems that Suga, the producer of Hayes, will excel in the new song. Hayes is also a typical “believing and listening” singer-songwriter. Hayes has built his own sensitivity and color through ‘She’s Fine’, ‘Rain’, ‘Do not come back’ and ‘I do not know you’. Hayes has also been reigning as a ‘sound source’, so meeting Sugar is likely to create even more explosive synergies. Hayes grabbed Sugar’s hand and came back in four months. Hayes has recently unveiled his teaser image and is raising fans’ expectations. He is curious about how he will release Sugar and how much he will love.

A representative of Heize’s agency Studio Blu confirmed, “Heize will be releasing her new digital single ‘We Don’t Talk Together’ on July 7. The song was produced by BTS’ Suga, and both Heize and Suga participated in writing the lyrics. Suga, Heize, and El Capitxn wrote the music together.”

Suga has created a number of hit songs in the past through his collaborations with artists like Suran, Lee Sora, and Epik High, building the public’s anticipation for his upcoming collaboration with famed hit-maker Heize.

“We Don’t Talk Together” will be released online on July 7 at 6 p.m. KST.

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