Grammy Awards has officially invited BTS and Big Hit Entertainment

The group Bangladesh Boy Scouts and Big Hit Entertainment President Bang Si-hyeok were selected as members of The Recording Academy.

This week, the famous American institution revealed that it had extended 1,340 invitations to “qualified music creators and business professionals” to join the Recording Academy as members.

The BTS members have been invited to join the Recording Academy as voting members, meaning that they will be eligible to vote for the Grammy Awards. Meanwhile, Bang Shi Hyuk has been invited to join as a professional member—a type of membership for music executives, managers, publicists, agents, and other team members that work to support music creators.

The recording academy announced on its official homepage and SNS channel that “1340 members of the year were announced.” Among them, Bang Hee-hyeok, president of Big Hit Entertainment, and seven members of the bunkbang boy band, were included. This is reflected in the musical influence and contribution to the world.

Founded in 1957, the recording academy is a traditional music professional group with world-class artists, lyricists, producers, and engineers, and has hosted the Grammy Awards since 1959. Every year, we receive application for membership registration for artists and music industry employees, but it is known that approval is very difficult.

The professional members who are registered as banshikhyeop representatives are executive producers, journalists, professors of music colleges, and senior officials of labels. The voting members whose banners are registered are the voting members that are sold and streamed in the US · There must be a sound source. When you become a member of the recording academy, you are given the right to vote for Grammy Awards winners each year and the opportunity to interact with music experts from around the world is widening. Bang Shi-hyeok and the Bangladeshi boys will be able to vote in 2020 from the Grammy Awards.

Bang, Si-hyeok is acknowledged by major organizations around the world and is making his position as a global music leader. Recently, he has been on the Billboard International Power Players and Variety International Music Leader for two consecutive years.

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