Here Is a Hilariously Cute Pose that BTS Members Make When Indicating Pride

K-pop boy group BTS’ fans are laughing about the kind of pose that the members make when they want to show how proud they are of themselves.

This month, BTS held its fifth fan meeting ‘2019 MUSTER: MAGIC SHOP’ in Busan and Seoul.

At one point during the fan meeting, JUNGKOOK said to fans, “I’m so proud of us for becoming singers who got to perform at massive stadiums around the world. It still seems magical.”


When JUNGKOOK said the word “proud,” SUGA told JUNGKOOK, “Hey, you have to put both of your hands on your hip and stick your stomach out a bit when you feel proud of yourself.”

“Like this!”, SUGA then gave JUNGKOOK a demonstration of what he meant.As soon as JUNGKOOK heard and saw SUGA, he laughed and did what he was told to do.

Then a few seconds later, JIN and V who were around them also joined and made the same ‘hands-on-hips pose’. 

It was just such an adorable thing for them to do that fans are unable to get over how cute they were at that time when they did it.

Meanwhile, BTS’ documentary film ‘Bring The Soul: The Movie’ was announced to be shown in theaters this summer.

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