JIN Reveals Reasons Why It Is Difficult to Find His Family at BTS’ Concert

JIN of K-pop boy group BTS revealed reasons why it is so hard for him to find the members of his family during the group’s concert.

Last month when BTS was in the United States for its concert tour ‘LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF’, JIN held a live broadcast with his fellow member JIMIN.While having a meal in their hotel room, JIMIN mentioned that his family had actually come to the group’s recent concert.

JIMIN said, “After the concert, I asked my dad, ‘Dad, you were sitting on the left side of the audience area from the stage, right?'”

With a laugh, JIMIN continued, “My dad was like, ‘No, I was sitting on the right side. Who were you looking at?’ Sorry, dad.

“Then, JIN told his story, “Yeah, my family members come to our concert sometimes too. They always let me know where they are sitting, but I’m really bad at finding them when I’m on stage. I can never spot them.”

JIN went on, “When I told them that I couldn’t see them during the concert, my mom went, ‘How could you have not spotted me? I was waving my arms about and repeatedly shouting out your name!'”JIN added, “I told her, ‘Mom, everyone else around you are doing the same thing.
It probably would have been easier for me to find you if you had done nothing like that.

Right after JIN finished talking, JIMIN burst into laughter and nodded in agreement.Meanwhile, BTS is planned to resume ‘LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF’ in Paris, France on June 7 (local time).

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