JUNGKOOK Smiles After Having Some Food & Drinks Sent by Yeo Jin Goo

Actor Yeo Jin Goo brightened up JUNGKOOK of K-pop boy group BTS’ day by surprising him with a snack truck.

On June 16, JUNGKOOK took his group’s social media to thank Yeo Jin Goo for sending him a snack truck.The pictures showed JUNGKOOK standing in front of a snack truck loaded with hot dogs, fruits, and drinks.

He was also seen holding a hot dog in his hand and sipping a cold drink, where he looks very pleased.Next to the snack truck, there was a large panel that said, “From JG to JK. Sending my love and support to BTS’ golden maknae JUNGKOOK! From Yeo Jin Goo.”

Along with these photos, JUNGKOOK wrote, “How did you know that I liked hot dogs? Thank you, I really enjoyed having them. #JGJK”On this day, BTS held its fan meeting ‘2019 MUSTER: MAGIC SHOP’ at Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium, Busan and it seems like Yeo Jin Goo wanted to show JUNGKOOK his support.Back in April, JUNGKOOK sent a snack truck to Yeo Jin Goo’s drama set as well.

At that time, JUNGKOOK sent him some pizza and drinks. It was previously revealed that Yeo Jin Goo and JUNGKOOK quickly became close to each other, as they were both born in the same year―1997.

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