Kang Daniel Reportedly Finished Shooting Photos for His Album Yesterday

Kang Daniel of disbanded K-pop project boy group’s solo debut is really just around the corner now.

Yesterday, it was reported Kang Daniel’s management agency KONNECT Entertainment recently held a meeting with Kakao M to discuss the matter of distributing his upcoming solo album.It also turned out Kang Daniel was shooting photos for his album on the same day.

On June 21, media outlet OSEN reported that Kang Daniel participated in the photo shoot for his album the day before.OSEN delivered additional good news, “Kang Daniel worked with the hit producing team Devine Channel for his song(s).”

Devine Channel is a team that produced boy group BTS’ mega-hit track ‘FIRE’ and EXO’s beloved track ‘El Dorado’, and many other hit K-pop tracks.By the looks of things, Kang Daniel’s album is in the final step before the release.

Everyone is extremely hyped about the fact that we are all finally heading closer to the date of Kang Daniel’s solo debut.

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