Newkidd has shared why they think of BTS as their role models!

The group New Kid named bulletproof boys as a role model.

In a recent interview, Newkidd picked BTS as the most memorable group that they met during promotions. They commented, “Our promotional period for [our latest comeback] overlapped with BTS’s. It was an honor and a joy to be able to watch BTS rehearse and perform on stage.”

They added, “We were too nervous, so we couldn’t talk to them individually. We just greeted them a lot.”

New Kid (Ji Hansol, Jung Kwon, Yoon Min, Woo Chul, Hwi, Ji An, Kang Seung Chan) released their debut album ‘New Kidd’ The country).

New Kid named the Bulletproof Boys as one of the most memorable groups we met during this activity. The members said, “This time, I had an opportunity to work with bulletproof boys’ seniors. I was honored and glad to see them rehearse and perform on the stage.”

“I was trembling and I could not talk about it separately, so I did my best.”

In fact, New Kid is deeply involved with bulletproof boys. In February, New Kid hosted the “DNA” stage of the bulletproof boys’ group at a ceremony celebrating the ceremony. The Bulletproof Boys took a storm reaction when they saw their juniors digesting their songs and collected topics online.

New Kid said, “We did not show the stage, it was touching.” Actually, we were trembling while we were on stage. “Before we climbed the stage, we tried to ‘work hard’, but the bulletproof boys were impressed by the response “He recalled.

New Kid also picked up a bulletproof boy band with a role model. The members said, “Bangladeshi seniors have good influence and they are telling Korea with K pop abroad. We want to be such a singer. Everyone is so charming. I respect you. ”

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