OH MY GIRL SEUNGHEE Talks About High School Friend BTS V’s Popularity Among Classmates

SEUNGHEE of K-pop girl group OH MY GIRL talked about her high school days with K-pop boy group BTS’ JIMIN and V.

On May 8 episode of MBC every1’s talk show ‘Foreigners in Korea’ (literal translation), SEUNGHEE made a guest appearance.

During the show, one of the hosts asked SEUNGHEE whether she has a lot of friends.
SEUNGHEE answered, “Yes, I do have many friends. Actually, popular BTS members JIMIN and V are my high school friends.”

As the hosts gasp with surprise, SEUNGHEE explained, “They were famous at our school. Especially V was so cheerful and had so many friends.”

When she was asked whether she still keeps in touch with JIMIN and V, SEUNGHEE said, “Yes I do. But they do not reply to my messages fast as they are very busy. They once replied to me two days after I sent the message.”
Meanwhile, SEUNGHEE’s group OH MY GIRL recently made its comeback with the group’s first full album ‘THE FIFTH SEASON’.

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