One ARMY Spotted Her Dad in BTS’ Recent Pictorial

One “unlucky” fan of K-pop boy group BTS shared her story about her dad which could be every ARMY’s worst nightmare.

On June 14, Dispatch released its new BTS pictorial that was taken during their recent trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.
BTS was visiting the area for the ‘2019 Billboard Music Awards’, where they took ‘Top Social Artist’ and ‘Top Duo/Group’ awards.

One ARMY (BTS’ fan club) named Diana was flipping through the gorgeous photos of her favorite boy group, until she gasped in shock after finding her dad in one of the photos.
Diana’s dad was chilling and minding his own business while seven beautiful Korean boys were focusing on their photo shoot just behind him.

Her dad was not in one, but two BTS photos―casually sharing the bar space with JIMIN in another one.
ARMYs all around the world are cracking up at the unluckiest moment of her life, as Diana cursed the entire universe for how unfair her life can possibly be.

Fellow ARMYs commented, “I feel you, sister. I feel you.”, “This is crazy! The luckiest ‘ARMY Dad’ in the world.”, “Your dad must’ve saved the world in his past life.”, and more.

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