Korean bakery chain, Paris Baguette, held a special BT21 “lucky box” day for fans, in honor of their upcoming LINE FRIENDS collaboration.

Paris Baguette hosted this promotional event at their Yangjae-dong, Myeong-dong, and Shinchon stores.

Two days before the event, Paris Baguette announced their plans to take part in special BT21 collaboration products, which include edible goodies and BT21 merch. The official launch date for this collab is July 1.

To kick off the excitement, Paris Baguette invited BTS fans to come out and pick up a “lucky box”.

Each of these mystery boxes contained an assortment of BT21 related treats…

…such as random BT21 merchandise…

…character cups…

…and tasty cookies!

The first 210 customers to purchase Lucky Boxes also received bonus presents: gift cards and ice cream.

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