Park Hyung Sik Names Two Celebrity Friends He Wishes to Meet on His First Day Off

Idol-turned-actor Park Hyung Sik named actor Park Seo Jun and V of K-pop boy group BTS as the friends that he wishes to meet on his first day off from the military.

On May 14, Park Hyung Sik sat down for a press interview for his upcoming film ‘Jurors’.
During the interview, Park Hyung Sik talked about his close friendship with Park Seo Jun and V.
Park Hyung Sik said, “There was a time when we all gathered at V’s house. I don’t know whether he wanted to stay together with us a little longer or what, but he told us to sleep at his house in one room.”

He continued, “We were so packed as there was only one bed in the room. However, we just ended up sharing one room that night.”

Park Hyung Sik then revealed his plan to meet Park Seo Jun and V on his first day off from the military. 

He said, “I will definitely meet them when I get my first leave.”
Meanwhile, Park Hyung Sik is confirmed to enlist in the military as a military police of the Capital Defense Command on June 10.

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