Paul Kim shared the story behind his friendship with BTS’s V on JTBC’s “Idol Room.”

On the June 11 episode, singers Jung Seung Hwan, Lee Hi, and Paul Kim appeared on the special for ballad singers.

The MCs asked Paul Kim about the time that V contacted him to grab a meal together. Bringing up their sweet encounter at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards, Paul Kim explained, “There was a time when I received help from V. When I go to award shows, they’re usually all groups and I’m alone. But V took care of me. He told me to sit next to him and kept talking to me.”

‘Idol Room’ Paulkim communicated with the bulwark boybusters Viva.

JTBC ‘Idol Room’ Bala Stone featured on the afternoon of the afternoon featured singer Jung Seung-hwan, Naei, and Pole Kim as guests.

On the same day, MCs reported that they contacted Bulgarian Boy Scouts Viga Polkim to eat rice. “I have been helped by Bui,” said Poultic. “When I go to the awards ceremony, it’s usually a group, and I’m not alone, but Buja took care of me. I asked him to sit next to me, Dragged.

“I got a contact, I already had a meal, I bought it, I got pasta, I had steak,” he said.

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