RM Proves That Even Rain & Cold Weather Cannot Ruin BTS’ Concert!

K-pop boy group BTS’ leader RM moved his fans with the sweetest words at the group’s recent concert held in Chicago, Illinois.

Recently, BTS faced a new obstacle as it took its concert ‘LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF’ to the stadiums all over the world since most of the sports arenas do not have a roof that could prevent the crowd from rain or severe cold.
But interestingly enough, these conditions never got in the way of BTS’ concert and the fans who experienced it themselves named this surreal phenomenon, a “BTS magic.”

On the first day of its Chicago concert, it also rained but the rain just stopped like a miracle just an hour before the show.

However, there was one thing that even BTS could not stop; and that was a severe cold that came after the rain.
The audience could see the air coming out of the members’ mouth, and RM even added a cute joke at the end of their concert, “Welcome to the first BTS winter concert.”
RM continued, “We might catch a cold. But, whatever. It’s special, right? So, right before we went up to the stage, it was raining a lot. So we got worried but I told them, ‘Chicago ARMY (the name of BTS’ fan club) is going to stop the rain.’ and you guys did it. You guys gave us a miracle.”

All the fans at the site screamed after hearing his words since he not only turned around the situation so perfectly, but also did not forget to thank ARMY who has always been there for the group. 

But it seems like “BTS magic” had an expiration date since the rain did not stop even after the members went up on the stage the next day.

Whilst wrapping up its second concert, RM said, “For the past six years since 2013, BTS, seven Korean boys have been very unlucky. Because, we wanted to make a legend with the god of rain. But today, in Chicago, we are finally blessed by the god of rain.”

After hearing his witty and romantic speech, ARMYs commented, “He certainly knows a way to make his fans feel special.”, “God of rain? So smart and romantic.”, “He could be a congressman after he retires.”, and many more.

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