Seoul to celebrate its 50th anniversary … The city of Seoul is also welcome.

BTS has been in Seoul for a long time.

On the 25th, SBS ‘full entertainment night’ (hereafter called ‘midnight’), the Bangbang Boy Scouts’ Seoul fan meeting site was unveiled.

There has been controversy about racist remarks for BTS in Australia and Mexico. Australian public broadcasters joked about the heat of the BTS in response to the political situation in the north and south.

There will be homosexuals in the BTS, and four of them sent out unpleasant remarks to the broadcast that they might be fired.

Since then, fans around the world have been angry at asking for apologies, and the broadcaster has said that “it was a light entertainment program that did not violate any regulations and only humorously covered the popularity of bulletproof boys.”

In addition, a Mexican station has also been racially discriminating against the BTS. Nevertheless, the BTS does not respond. They just wanted to say what they wanted to say.

On the other hand, the Seoul Fan meeting was held between 24th and 25th in June. A huge crowd made Bangladeshi boys feel the popularity again. Bang Si-hyuk was caught in the lawn outside the performance hall. Bang Sik Hyuk also revealed that it is a fan meeting place that is hard to see.

The city of Seoul also welcomed them using the BTS symbolic purple light in the landmark building.

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