Seoul will be lighting up in purple for BTS!

Bombardier Boys’ Association (BTS), which is loved by the world, is expected to paint Seoul in the light of New York and Busan as Seoul Ambassadors for Honorable Tourism.

Bangladeshi Boycott will hold a Seoul fan meeting “BTS 5th MUSTER (MAGIC SHOP)” at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium and 88 Lawn Plaza on both 22nd and 23rd. The event, which will be held

at 25,000 people per day, It is expected to find Seoul. As a result, the city decided to illuminate the main facilities with purple lighting in order to welcome Ami (Bangladeshi fan clubs) to attend the fan meeting.

Thelighting for Ami will be seen from sunset (8:00 pm) from 21st to 23rd with the illumination of purple lighting on facilities such as 7017, Dongho Bridge, Lotte World Tower, N Seoul Tower, to be.

Previously, the New York event featured a Violet light at the Landmark Empire State Building in New York, and the Gwangan Grand Bridge was painted purple in recent Busan performances. The city of Seoul also planned to join the global relay with the Violet light for the Amy’s visit.

It will also be possible to see the bulletproof boy band for Amiels through the outdoor signboard and the large tomb.

An official from Seoul said, “The advertisement of the bulletproof boy band including the publicity video taken with the Seoul city will be displayed on the large banner of the Seoul library.” Through this project, we will announce that the bulbang boy band is the Seoul honorary tourism publicity team and finally, “He said.

Currently, the Bangladeshi boys, who are acting as Ambassadors for Honorary Tourism in Seoul, meet Amiels around the world in Seoul. Amy ‘s gathered from all over the world are expected to paint Seoul in purple with the purple light of Seoul with the heat for bullet – proof boys.

It is worth seeing the effect of enhancing the image of Seoul through social network service (SNS) activities of visiting Amy’s fan meeting.

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