The Seoul High Courtmade their decision in the appeal hearing that Big Hit Entertainment filed against Mr. Jung

GODONG KOREA = The court said that it is “a photo album without a consensus” about a magazine that filled half of the entire volume with BBC photo and related articles. I accepted the application.

According to the 30-day legal system, the 4th department of civil affairs of the Seoul High Court (Hong Seung-myeon) cited some applications from BTS affiliate company Big Hit Entertainment as it broke a court case against the publisher of monthly entertainment magazine.

The magazine featured photographs and articles of BTS in the January, June, November, and March issue of last year.

The agency issued an injunction claiming that the magazine had actually violated the monopoly rights to the BTS by issuing unauthorized publications that should be viewed as “photo albums”.

On the other hand, the magazine insisted that the injustice should not be accepted, saying it was a fair reporting activity.

“It seems that the magazine had some commercial purpose, but it is difficult to say that it infringed the interests of the company,” he said.

However, the judgment of the court was different.

The court said, “Instead of posting photographs and articles of BTS in the ordinary coverage area of ​​entertainment magazine, it issued and sold the magazine as a practical photo book with the aim of boosting sales by leaning on the attractiveness of BTS.”

The court heard that half of the magazine was filled with photographs and articles about the BTS on the basis of this judgment.

The magazine was made up of 108 pages, including the cover, of which 45 to 65 pages were dedicated to the BTS.

The judge pointed out that the difference is that other entertainment magazines dealing with the BTS use fewer than ten pages.

The court also noted that it sometimes filled more than 20 pages with photographs without any articles, and concluded that it was difficult to say that the articles were published to provide information on the activities of the BTS in ordinary magazine coverage.

The judge said, “When publishing a large number of articles or photos in excess of the usual coverage, seeking the prior approval of their agency is in line with commercial practice.” “We sell magazines that can be viewed as photo books, “He said.

“The use of BTS’s name and photos for commercial purposes without permission is illegal because it illegally infringes on the economic interests of its subsidiaries.” “The sale of magazines can not be considered to be protected by freedom of press and publishing “He said.

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