Woman Receives Prison Sentence for Selling Fake BTS Concert Tickets

A 26-year-old woman received a sentence of a year and seven months in prison for committing fraud by pretending to sell K-pop boy group BTS’ concert tickets.

According to Seoul Western District Court on May 2, a woman identified as ‘Jung’ received sentence for charges of fraud and blackmail.

In addition to a prison sentence of a year and seven months, she was ordered to pay the victims who have requested for compensation a total of 42,755,000 won (approximately 37,000 dollars).

For six months from March to September 2018, ‘Jung’ scammed a total of 19 individuals online by pretending to sell tickets to concerts and fan meetings by BTS and more K-pop idol groups.

She targeted victims by commenting on fans’ social media posts showing interest in buying concert tickets, and cut off contact after scamming about 8.6 million won (approximately 7,300 dollars).
‘Jung’ is also charged with blackmailing a person identified as ‘A’, whom she met through a fan meeting event.

‘Jung’ first asked ‘A’ to borrow money, claiming she was unable to withdraw money from her back account and continued to borrow money that totaled up to 32 million won (approximately 27,000 dollars).

She borrowed an additional 10 million won (approximately 8,500 dollars) by blackmailing ‘A’, threatening to tell on her fangirling activities to her colleagues at work.

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