Yeo Jin Goo has returned the support he received from BTS’s Jungkook!

In April, Jungkook sent Yeo Jin Goo snack and coffee trucks to the set of his upcoming drama “Hotel del Luna.” The two celebrities are same-age friends born in 1997.

On June 16, Jungkook uploaded photos of a snack truck sent by Yeo Jin Goo to BTS’s fan meeting venue in Busan.

The actor, Jejin Guo, cheered on the members of the bullet-proof boy band,

On the 16th, the official government of the bulletproof boys posted several pictures with the post on the official Twitter account saying “I know how I like hot dogs. Inside the picture was a picture of the government that took poses in the background of a snack car sent by JEJIN.

Jeong Kook had previously sent a snack car for the jinjin gu in the drama “Hotel del Luna”, but this time the jinjugu was able to get a glimpse of the warm friendship that was answered. Especially, he makes a laugh with the same sentence such as ‘ㄱ a ga aa’.

Bangladeshi boys will hold a fan meeting on June 16th in Busan on the 15th.

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